Glass Animals announce new album & share title track 'Dreamland'

Don't mind me, jussssst freaking out a little (or a LOT) over here: Glass Animals just announced their new album 'Dreamland' and have shared the title track & accompanying video...a total DIY project frontman Dave Bayley put together at his house, solo, while in quarantine. It puts most big budget videos to shame and is such a great example of his intensely creative mind at work.

Dreamland, the album, will hit on July 10th. Preorder/presave HERE

Dave took to social media to make the announcement and to share some in-depth background on the circumstances the album was born out of:

"The idea for this album came at a time of confusion and uncertainty. My best friend was in the hospital. I didn’t know if he’d make it. The future was scary and completely unknown. During those weeks in the hospital, it was so difficult to look forwards that I found myself looking backwards. Digging around in my mind, pulling up old memories, finding comfort in them even if they were uncomfortable in themselves.

Speaking to friends and family, I’ve realised that a lot of people are experiencing a similar sort of confusion now. We can’t be out creating new memories, so…we’re diving back head-first into the old ones."

Read Dave's full statement below and check out the new song and video for 'Dreamland'.

Welcome back, Glass Animals!!!

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