Hand Sanitizer, Toilet Paper Could Soon Be Easy To Find On Grocery Shelves

This could be some good news! Some of those products that can be very hard to find these days, like hand sanitizer and toilet paper, could be easier to find very soon at the grocery store.

The AP spoke to a grocer out in Tuscaloosa, Alabama who had this to say:

“I had a conversation earlier today,” Welborn said of his supplier, “who thinks we’re probably a week away from being inundated by hand sanitizer from all the companies that shifted gears and started producing hand sanitizer. So, I think that’s a welcomed need that’s out there.”

Bloomberg reported back on March 27th that hand sanitizer production had slowed because manufactures "lacked the raw materials needed to meet the demand."

Since everything is basically a few weeks behind, it may now be in the next few weeks that the increased production of items like sanitizer and wipes could catch up to store shelves.

There's also been distribution and delivery issues, as the grocer said that one of the trucks that was headed south from Canada with sanitizers never made it across the U.S. border.

As for toilet paper, PennLive writes that it's a little different, because there's still small quantities headed to store shelves. Distribution is also an issue for toilet paper, with differences between big box stores and smaller chains - you can expect the big box stores to be more stocked now and in the coming weeks than the smaller stores.

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