Iron Hill Brewery offering grocery staples like milk, eggs and TOILET PAPER

Particularly with toilet paper and paper towel shortages at grocery stores/box stores right now, I wanted to share this great option with you - Iron Hill Brewery, with multiple Philly-area (including Jersey) locations, is now offering grocery staples for takeout/pick up including: eggs, milk, butter, potatoes, bananas and the holy grail of toilet paper and paper towel.

And get this, toilet paper is only 75 cents per roll! (and pleaaaaaase don't order 200 rolls, order what you need and leave enough for everyone else.)

Here's what you need to do - just place your order by 2pm the day BEFORE you'd like to pick your stuff up so they have time to get it together for you. They're even doing curbside pickup. Here's the link to order

A great way to get some essentials and not have to deal with big crowds/long lines - plus, you can get beer & wine for takeout, plus limited items from their menu (that Grilled Brewben Sandwich is calling my name right now)

Thanks Iron Hill!

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