Get your Girl Scout Cookies DELIVERED!

How are your quarantine snack options looking? I'm not too proud to say I've had to get a little creative by slathering grape jelly on saltines and calling it 'dessert'...

With that, the great news that you can now get your girl scout cookie fix via home delivery!

And when you're ordering boxes for yourself, maybe consider ordering a few extras and donating them to neighbors as a happy surprise or to health care workers or anyone you think could use a little pick me up!

"To protect girls and communities in the wake of COVID-19, Girl Scouts have suspended door-to-door sales and cookie booths. But you can still buy your favorite cookies online today and have them shipped to your door—or donate cookies and we'll distribute them safely to provide comfort to first responders, volunteers, and local causes in need," according to the Girl Scouts official website.

Get your order in HERE

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