McDonald's & Wawa Make Major Changes Due To Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed many things for all of us, and it's continuing to do so at our local restaurants. Local Wawa & McDonald's locations are now making major changes to their restaurants amidst the outbreak.

MCDONALD'S: The company announces that it's temporarily pulling the "all-day breakfast" menu to "streamline operations." McD's says they made the change to "simplify operations in our kitchens and for our crew, and ensure the best possible experience for our customers." They say they'll focus on serving the most popular choices, and they'll begin temporarily removing items over the next few weeks. Fret not, however - it will be back eventually.

WAWA: Philadelphia Wawa Stores are suspending all made-to-order food due to the outbreak, NBC10 reports. Philly Wawa stores will start hanging signs up informing customers of the change. The stores will also begin installing face shields at checkout counters. One of the signs reads, "Following the most recent guidance from city officials, we have suspended in-store ordering of built-to-order food service items. As an essential provider, we are opened to serve you with hot/cold express food items and an assortment of provisioning and packaged goods."

CORONAVIRUS: Philly Breaking News and Updates - Thumbnail Image

CORONAVIRUS: Philly Breaking News and Updates

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