Watch The Killers do "Caution" live/acoustic from Brandon Flowers' bathroom

The Killers releasing 'Caution' and announcing the release date of their new album Imploding The Mirage on May 29th has been a major bright spot in what has otherwise been an extremely challenging couple of weeks. Normally the band would be doing the rounds on the late night tv circuit playing the show live for us for the first time, but that was before COVID-19. I just adore that Brandon and Ronnie were guests on Jimmy Kimmel's 'Quarantine Minilogue' on Friday night and they performed the song live & stripped Brandon Flowers' bathroom in Utah.

First of all, I loved it, and based on the Youtube comments, it went over really well.

And Cap CDN5 had this to say:

“Bright side”, if all talk shows now got artists to perform from their bathroom or home.. we’ll know exactly who cannot sing live. Damn, his voice is amazing.

User Sarah Cravens commented:

I love seeing Jimmy and everyone in their natural habitats just looking and acting like normal people. Much more relatable and real and comforting than a perfectly curated tv show :)

Yeah, I agree with Sarah - it's kinda nice to see everyone being so 'real'. Check out the novel performance below.

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