Alkaline Trio released a surprise EP!

With everything getting cancelled, it's a good time for some new music right? Today we get some from Alkaline Trio who made good on a promise!

See the guys said they would release new music before their tour with Bad Religion. Now with the tour being cancelled, they still stuck to their word with a surprise 3 song EP! The EP is simply called...well..."E.P."

“With the tour postponed and the current state of the world, we feel and hope that some new music will help people transcend the uncertainty and possible fear they might be feeling, if even for a few minutes,” Matt Skiba says in a statement. “Music has always had a way of helping us all cope with unpleasant times. We can only hope that ours can do the same for our fans on some level. We hope you enjoy the songs.”

Take a listen:

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