Here's All The Movies Coming Out Early On Digital Due To Coronavirus

Due to nearly all or most theaters in the country closing, depending on the specific state’s instructions, the box office is taking quite the hit, and upending the entire release schedule for most studios. Many movies have been pushed back to TBD dates like “Mulan” and “A Quiet Place Part 2”, and now many studios are seeing the writing on the wall and releasing films to digital even earlier.

Variety reports that starting this Friday, March 20th, Universal will release “The Hunt”, “The Invisible Man”, and “Emma” on digital early. You’ll be able to rent the films for $19.99 for 48 hours.

It also appears that “Trolls World Tour” will not premiere in theaters, but rather digital, on April 10th.

Other studios have released their films earlier as well, with "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" hitting digital earlier than anticipated (it's out now) and "Frozen 2" hitting Disney+ three months earlier than anticipated.

At this rate, it would not be surprising if every movie currently in theaters hits digital in the next week or so. We'll keep you updated.

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