3/14-3/15: Livestreams & How to Support Local Philly Artists Pt 1

Hey all! What crazy times we're living in right now. Hope everyone is staying healthy and well.

A lot of shows have been cancelled for the time being and it might be a long time til they are happening again in public.

Our local musicians (and bartenders and security folks and booking agents, and venues and events people) are going to be needing all the support we can give them. Not to mention, if you're lucky enough to not work as a frontline in the medical field, you might suddenly have extra time on your hands.

So ... I will be posting a few things here and there that I hear about and ways you can support your locals. If you hear of a fundraiser or livestream I should be helping spread the word about, please do contact me on email: phillymusicpodcast@gmail.com, on twitter - @phillymusicpod, and @phillymusicpodcast on the IG.

Here are a few things happening this weekend of 3/14-3/15!

Kenn Kweder has been doing sessions on FB Live -- follow him here to keep up with the live songs.

Mace Cannister Recordings is putting together an online fundraiser called PhillyShreds - check it out here.

"Emergency fund for Philadelphia musicians impacted by sudden income loss due to Covid-19 concerns . Many musicians are employed in flex schedule bar/restaurant/food service jobs, freelance and gig economy work in order to make ends meet and some are being impacted with sudden and unexpected loss of income. Funds raised will be disbursed on a as-needs basis. This isnt a "give until it hurts" as much as "toss a bit into the kitty" appeal, donations of any amount will be gratefully accepted. If unable to donate, please share the link ."

sweetpill's tour got cancelled and they're stranded about 1400 miles from home with hardly any $$$ so go buy some merch from them or donate to their emergency venmo fund (@zayna-youssef) - details here.

ALSO!!! How are you holding up with all the shut downs and quarantines? Feel free to leave me a message on the Philly Music Podcast Hotline sharing your secrets for social distancing, things you're working on, tips for friends, etc. and I can compile an episode with all of YOUR feedback! Hope to hear from you and stay healthy!

Call 484-429-6949 to leave your voicemail, 3 minutes or less to share how you're coping or send a message to the rest of us.

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