Kaleo has announced their new album "Surface Sounds!"

Well, we knew it was only a matter of time but the big announcement has arrived!

Kaleo just announced their new album will be called "Surface Sounds," and it's arriving June 5th! This is only a week after they play a set at our 13th Birthday Celebration, so I'm sure they'll play a lot of new songs there.

In regards to whether they wanted to still announce the album today with everything happening with the coronavirus frontman JJ Julius Son said this:

"First off, I wanted to acknowledge the uncertainty and anxiety that everyone is facing today. We considered postponing this announcement, but that also didn't seem right as we all strive for any shred of normalcy."

"Times like this remind us of what matters most," he continues. "Instinctively as human beings we shift our focus from the superficial to collectively supporting our neighbors. That sentiment is actually echoed in Surface Sounds. My hope now is that the album can serve as a reminder that what is on the surface is not nearly as important as what is inside, and it's our duty to lift one another up in times of need."

Check out the album's artwork, tracklisting, and a new song called "Alter Ego."

Surface Sounds tracklist:

"Brother Run Fast"

"Break My Baby"

"Alter Ego"

"Free the Slave"


"Hey Gringo"

"The USA Today"

"My Fair Lady"

"I Want More"


"I Walk on Water"

"Into My Mother’s Arms"

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