What's your favorite Wawa sandwich? PhillyMag has ranked them!!

When it comes to sandwiches from Wawa it's hard to decide which is the best, right? Okay so the best is definitely The Gobbler...but after that it's hard to decide.

Luckily for us PhillyMag has made it easy on us and compiled a list of their rankings of the Wawa Sandwiches! As expected, The Gobbler is number one (though you can't get that one all year round). Check out their rankings and consult it next time you're standing up at the push screens.

  1. The Gobbler
  2. Classic Italian Hoagie
  3. Ham Hoagie
  4. Cheesesteak, after midnight
  5. Meatball Sandwich
  6. Cheese Hoagie
  7. Turkey Hoagie
  8. Cheesesteak, before midnight
  9. Egg Salad
  10. Pepperoni, hot or cold
  11. Roasted Veggie Hoagie
  12. Chicken Finger Hoagie
  13. BLT Hoagie
  14. Tuna Salad

Wondering why they picked what they picked?? Check out their reasoning HERE!

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