Philly is ranked one of THE BEST places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

With Saint Patrick's Day less than two weeks away, how do you plan on celebrating?? Well, it turns out you probably shouldn't go much further than our city of Philadelphia!

Yup...according to date compiled by WalletHub, Philly ranks number 3 on their list of best places to celebrate among 200 US metropolitan areas. This finding was based on four major factors – traditions, cost, weather and safety and accessibility. The Philly metro area also happens to have the second largest Irish population in the country! Wow.

So what really stands out in St Pat's celebrations? Well, we have one of the oldest parades in the country and of course all kinds of fun bars and restaurants to celebrate too!

So who beat us out? Chicago was number one and Boston was number two!

How do you plan on celebrating?

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