Gorillaz - “Désolé”

Gorillaz fans certainly have a lot to be excited about!

The cartoon band just shared the 2nd song in their "Song Machine" series and this one is called “Désolé!" It features the vocals of Grammy-nominated Malian artist Fatoumata Diawara.

Of the song drummer Russel says: “Making ‘Désolé’ with Fatou was a real moment for me, you know. She’s an African Queen. This lady made the song what it is, beautiful, like life. What can I say about Désolé? They say sorry is the hardest word, but that’s not true… Try saying antidisestablishmentarianism with a mouth full of gluten-free cronuts on a speed boat without licking your lips.”

Hah! Good point.

The song comes along with an animated video showing the characters boating around a lake when craziness ensues.

Check out both the song AND video:

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