WATCH: Jason Segel/Dispatches From Elsewhere's Video Love Letter To Philly

Last summer and into the fall, actor Jason Segel was spotted EVERYWHERE around Philly as he was here filming his new show for AMC called 'Dispatches From Elsewhere.' I even had my own sighting one evening at dinner at Talula's Garden in Washington Square. Sally Field, Andre 3000 & Eve Lindley also star in the show...and along with the show's director and producers, they've put together a video "love letter" to our fine city.

I didn't realize just how prominent Philadelphia was going to be in the show - but the video love letter makes it very clear that the city isn't just some nondescript location for a story to unfold, it plays a very prominent role in the plot.

It warmed my cold, black heart to hear all the great things they had to say about Philly, particularly about the art/murals/street art.

Now I'm extra excited to watch - the show premieres THIS Sunday night on AMC at 10pm, with a second episode airing on Monday episodes will regularly roll out on Mondays in the coming weeks.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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