Rumors Swirling Again That The Used Will Open MCR Tour

Well, the rumor mill is swirling again!

We still haven't heard who will open the big My Chemical Romance reunion tour just yet, but it wasn't long ago that we were convinced it was The Used.... from The Used themselves! Yup fans reported back that frontman Bert McCracken was telling the audience at shows they were opening for MCR but fans couldn't tell if it was just in jest or not.

Now while nothing is yet to be confirmed, a new development has people wondering if the news is soon to be revealed.

So what's going on? Well, the band suddenly canceled a bunch of shows in the UK and Europe for what they're saying is an opportunity they "couldn't turn down." Hmm...I mean opening for MCR would be that, which leaves people convinced that this is what it is.

Their full statement is this:

We are very sorry to announce that we will not be able to come to the UK and Europe in May & June. An Opportunity has arisen for The Used that we absolutely couldn’t turn down.(Big news update to be revealed ASAP!) We apologize to all our fans who already made plans to see us and we promise to make it up to you very very soon. In the meantime, if you’re heading to Slam Dunk – have a great time – it’s a killer lineup and any tickets and any tickets for are headline shows are refundable at point of purchase.

So the speculation from many is that it must have to do with the My Chem tour. Hmmm...the only wrench in it being the MCR tour is that the dates they're canceling don't really line up with opening that tour. They COULD do both.

So did they cancel the dates for rehearsal maybe? Or maybe there's some sort of radius clause with them playing around there again so quickly? Or maybe something completely different. What do you think??

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