Phillie Phanatic Creators Bash Mascot's "New" Look

While we're pumped to get our Philadelphia Phillies back out on the field, the big excitement this week has definitely been the unveiling of the Phillie Phanatic's new look!

The other day we got to see the changes, and to most people's relief they aren't major. The real reason for this happening was because of the legal disputes between the team and the mascot's original creators. Rather than give them the rights (or money) they made some changes to the Phanatic instead. Simple enough.

What will happen in the future with these disputes is definitely still up in the air, but original creators Bonnie Erickson and Wayde Harrison are now publicly bashing the Phanatic's "new" look.

They just released a statement showing just how unhappy they are with these slight changes.

“The Phillies lack of good faith in negotiating for an extension of the copyright assignment for the Phillie Phanatic is disappointing,“but the unveiling of the so-called ‘new’ Phanatic on Sunday is an affront to our intellectual property rights and to Phillies fans everywhere.”

“For more than 40 years, we have worked closely with the Phillies, making all the Phanatic costumes, providing artwork and ideas until June of 2018. The Phanatic has performed successfully for the Phillies and the city of Philadelphia for decades. The ‘business decision’ by the Phillies to roll out this ‘new’ Phanatic is a transparent attempt to deny us our rights under of the Copyright Act. We would love to have the real Phanatic continue with the Phillies.”


Do you agree with their grievances or think it's all a little silly?? I guess we will have to just wait and see how this all ends up. In the meantime check out all the differences between the new and old Phanatic.

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