The Roots Now Have Their Own Street In Philly!

This is pretty awesome!

When you think of some of the coolest groups to come out of our city of Philadelphia one that ALWAYS gets mentioned is The Roots!

Now the band have the honor of getting a Philly street named after them! Yes a section of a road on East Passyunk Avenue below South Street is being called "The Avenue Of The Roots!"

Questlove took to social media to share his excitement of the news saying: “Welp this is very Philly: technically we were supposed to wait for the vote and then like in May come Picnic Time we’d have an unveiling w confetti & kool aid lol but cats was like “NOAP!!! WE FINNA PUT THIS JAWN UP NOW!!!!! really awesome to see the place we honed our skills and craft embrace us like this."

Check out Quest's post with a picture of the sign:

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