Rick And Morty Donuts Coming To Krispy Kreme!

Fans of Adult Swim TV show Rick And Morty will be thrilled to know that they're getting their own donuts and a milkshake!

Yup, the same show responsible for bringing Szechuan sauce back to McDonald's is bringing special donuts to Krispy Kreme locations with a milkshake to go with them!

The store will have 3 different donuts to go along with the show: Pickle Rick, a lemon-filled donut topped with a white chocolate pickle; Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie, a strawberry truffle donut filled with vanilla creme and topped with a crushed wafer; and Strawberry Smiggles, a strawberry-filled glazed donut dipped in white chocolate truffle and topped with mini marshmallows, crushed meringue, and big sprinkles. As far as the milkshake goes, it's called Fleeb Juice, made by combining Krispy Kreme’s raspberry and “blue heaven” flavors.

For now, the donuts are only available in Australia...womp womp...but let's hope the US gets them soon! Either that or we'll definitely be seeing them for sale online!

Check out what they look like in case you don't get to actually taste them:

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