All The Lyrical Easter Eggs In AJR's New Track "Bang!"

Last week the AJR brothers surprised us with new song "Bang," and as I mentioned when we first heard it, there are definitely mentions of previous AJR jams in there!

Did you hear them right away?

Well, the guys took to their Instagram page to reveal that there are a total of 8 lyrical "easter egg" references to their other songs in "Bang." How many did you hear??

In case you missed some, or wanted to see if you were right, the band later posted all 8 references!

Here they are:

Pretender - “pretend you know this song”⁣

Karma - “lie here forever”⁣

Birthday Party - “thank you all for coming”⁣

Come Hang Out - “come hang”⁣

The Click- “metronome”⁣

Finale - “thinking it’s time to go”⁣

Dont Throw Out My Legos - “got an apartment”⁣

Next Up Forever - “I’m not feeling grown”

Take another listen to the song now knowing the easter eggs:

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