Reed Streets Played A Remix Of The Action News Theme At Flyers Game

If you're from the Philly area, there's no doubt you've heard the theme song to 6 ABC's Action News program more times than you can ever count. Whether it be because you were home sick from school (or whatever the case may be), that song has become a staple for the city and you can't help but think of legendary anchorman Jim Gardner.

Well, the other night the song (called "Move Closer To Your World") got quite the facelift at the Flyers game thanks to our very own DJ Reed Streets!

Reed, who is also the team's music director and DJ, played a really cool remix of the song during the team's warmup and the crowd went absolutely wild. The new version was later highlighted by Action News, and even got attention from Good Morning America at the same time too! So cool!

Check it out:

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