Foo Fighters Announce 25th Anniversary Van Tour

Well we knew 2020 would be a big year for The Foo Fighters between the new album and a big 25th anniversary...and now one of the pieces of that puzzle has been revealed!

The band just announced a 25th anniversary van tour! Now while they're not stopping through Philly, there's a reason for that, and this is a cool concept!

Frontman Dave Grohl already said he plans on doing a documentary on van touring, and now we know how he plans on doing that: by taking the band on a van tour! The dates were picked very carefully too: they're performing at all of the cities on their original 1995 tour. Love that! Of course it won't be the original venues, but still a great idea. Fans will also get a sneak peek of the upcoming documentary, "What Drives Us," at each date.

The pre-sale starts today too! Trying to take a road trip to one of the cities? Check out the dates:

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