Andorra - "Family Tree" Music Video

If you've been following Radio1045 over the years, there's no doubt you know the name Andorra! Now the Philly-based band is here with a new music video for the title track off their new album "Family Tree!"

I had a chat with frontman Kevin McCall the other day in which he gave me the lowdown on the song/video:

"We released our third album "Family Tree" back in October. We took this project head on writing and recording everything ourselves in Michael Trycieckyj's (bassist, vocals) parent's basement. Despite only coming to blows twice, we are very proud of this album and the growth we've found in ourselves musically and as people. 

The lyrics "the roots from the family tree, always bring you back, back to me" not only serve as comfort for a healing family, but also spoke to us as a band. We've done our homework by tracing "the roots" back to our favorite artists and this has given us the ability to transform our "normal" rock n roll sound. There were no boundaries on this album. We delved into the different genres of funk, blues, folk, etc and tend to think of all these tunes as one big family. Some might seem like the weirdo cousin to one another, but at the end of the day, they're all related! 

Today, we release a music video for the song that inspired it all, "Family Tree." Directed by Mike Scioli at Think Loud Studios in York PA."

I'm very happy that the band asked me to premiere the video here, so check it out and enjoy!

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