Pointing Your Cell Phone At The Moon Will Get You Pearl Jam's New Song

Come March 27th we get the new Pearl Jam album "Gigaton!" In the meantime the band has been sharing new songs in some creative ways. One new one premiered during a Super Bowl commercial, and we get another one today...with a catch.

A week before it's official release you can listen to their new one “Superblood Wolfmoon." How?? You can access the track by aiming your cellphone at the moon for what they're calling an augmented-reality experience unlocked via Pearl Jam’s web app. Definitely a very different and cool concept!

You can begin accessing the song tonight (February 13th)! Just go to moon.pearljam.com on your devices and point your cellphone cameras at the moon. It'll then give you onscreen animations around and over the actual moon, with a preview of the song.

“We’re honored to be working with Pearl Jam to bring their music to life through technology blended with the elements of nature that inspired their tone.This activation displays their innovation and creative energy going into their new album.Adapting to new technologies and integrating platforms unleashes the full potential of music, as well as changes the way fans experience new sounds, and we are excited to be teaming up with Pearl Jam to provide their fans with this exclusive look at their style and artistic direction.”

Be sure to check it out and let us know your thoughts!

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