New Jersey Declares Itself Pizza Capital Of The World

Last month, the official Twitter account for the state of New Jersey made a bold claim by declaring itself the “Bagel capital of the world” and now it seems they’re ready to start another food fight. In a recent tweet, the Garden State declared itself “the pizza capital of the world,” and of course, not everyone agrees.

New Jersey’s brag came just in time for National Pizza Day on Sunday and Twitter users were happy to get into the debate about who really has the best pies around. “NJ girl, now PA resident, and I AM HERE FOR THIS. NJ pizza rules!,” one user tweeted.

Another called out New York City for having too many “trash spots,” but admitted they also have “some of the best spots too.” Peter Genovese, a food columnist for, added his two cents, tweeting, “As the person who has eaten at more NJ pizzerias than anyone on Earth, I support this message.”

Source: New York Post

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