Welcome to the neighborhood F45 Bala Cynwyd! Opening soon!

I was VERY excited to learn that F45 Training was opening a new location in Bala Cynwyd, right across the street from our Radio 104.5 world headquarters...welcome to the neighborhood F45!

It's at 3800 City Ave...right in the mix with Presidential City Apartments and Panera. They're planning for their grand opening in less than two weeks, on Saturday, February 22nd - but they've been hosting a bunch of free boot camp classes while they're getting ready to open so everyone can try the workouts on for size. I popped over to get in a sweat shesh and check out the new digs and talk to them about the workouts, what makes what they do different and to generally give you an idea of what you might expect when you walk through the door for the first time.

They're offering up a free one-week free trial so you can get in and see what it's all about and why it'll work for you - SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL HERE

In the coming weeks I'll tell you about my experience with F45 (I've been doing the workouts for just over a year) and why I'm ALL IN and keep coming back. Marysel is the head trainer at F45 Bala Cynwyd and was awesome enough to run through F45 101 with me and answer some of the questions you might have yourself before you walk through the door for the first time...like...why is F45 different?

For starters: Team Training. It's SO much less boring, and there's so much more accountability when you're working out with a group, with a community who are all there for the same reason. Personally I find it really easy to cut a workout short, let myself off the hook and not push myself when I'm working out solo. There's something really motivating and inspiring being surrounded by a room full of people who are pushing and growing all around you. And the workouts are ALWAYS different, so I'm never bored.

Check out our bite-sized conversation below and get to know F45 Bala Cynwyd!

Plus, did I mention, they have a LIVE DJ on Saturdays? SO FUN.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a super-athlete in any way, shape, or form - the workouts are customizeable for every level, from beginner to super-athlete.

F45 Bala Cynwyd officially opens next weekend, Saturday the 22nd. SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL and try all the classes on for size yourself!

Hope to see you in class soon! - Amber


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