SNL Jokes About Gritty Again

While us here in Philly wouldn't dare make fun of our beloved Gritty, he's been ripe for the picking with late night/sketch TV shows!

One of the biggest culprits to pick fun at the Flyers mascot has always been Saturday Night Live, and they were back at it again this past weekend.

The show's weekly Weekend Update segment has always had fun with Gritty and did so pretty recently with the whole assault allegation situation. Now that the mascot has been cleared of all charges, the show made two different jokes on Saturday night.

The first mention had host Colin Jost saying this: “He’s been cleared, and in return, Gritty has agreed not to blow up the hospital."

Later Jost moved on to a different story about researchers working on a new yarn made of human skin to stitch up wounds and then said: “Incidentally, yarn made from human skin is what Gritty is made of."

Oh boy! While the jokes are funny, we will always stand behind our Gritty! Check out the video:

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