Phantogram Announce New Album/Share New Song

New music AND a big announcement from Phantogram?? Yup, it's all happening!!

Today the band shared a new song called “Pedestal,” but that's far from all we get. With it comes the album announcement we've been waiting for!

On March 6th the band releases new album "Ceremony!"

Ceremony is what Phantogram is to us,” member Sarah Barthel says. “Everyone has their own ceremony and they don’t have to relate to anyone else’s, but Phantogram is our ceremony: our process, our ritual. Playing shows is our ceremony for everyone. And for us.”

Check out the tracklist which includes previously released singles “In A Spiral,” “Mister Impossible” and “Into Happiness," and listen to “Pedestal."

1. “Dear God”

2. “In A Spiral”

3. “Into Happiness”

4. “Pedestal”

5. “Love Me Now”

6. “Let Me Down”

7. “News Today”

8. “Mister Impossible”

9. “Glowing”

10. “Gaunt Kids”

11. “Ceremony”

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