Is The Used Opening The My Chemical Romance Reunion Tour?

The My Chemical Romance news continues! Last week was a HUGE week for the band, with their announcement of the big reunion tour we've been waiting for (including the Philly date). Then every single date on the tour sold out in 6 hours (including the Philly date).

So what else is there to know? Well, what about who is opening for the band on the tour? It looks like we might now know!

Yes, the other night at a show, The Used said they're opening! This would absolutely make sense as the bands are friends and have been for years. They've toured together in the past too!

Fans reported that Used frontman Bert McCracken told the crowd the band would be opening for MCR in the fall. Apparently he said it another show too. However, this has yet to be confirmed by MCR. So was he playing with our emotions and joking, or is this a real thing?


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