It's Mike Jones: "GO EAGLES!" Brian Spencer's Big Day On The Price Is Right

Brian Spencer from Washington Township, NJ, is THE MAN! Everybody's been talking about him after he pulled up his shirt to reveal the green and yelled "Go Eagles!" on The Price Is Right. I had to get the story from Brian himself!

Brian and I talked about how he got on The Price Is Right, why he had to represent for the Eagles, what tips he has for being called down to actually be a contestant, winning big on the show, how he got to meet Fall Out Boy, what he's planning to do with all of his prizes and how this has made him a celebrity at his high school, St. Joe's in Hammonton!

This was such a fun conversation. Check out my chat with Brian on It's Mike Jones and it would be pretty awesome if you subscribed to the podcast by clicking here.

You're the best, Brian! I hope we get to meet up at the Hella Mega Tour or another show this summer. Thanks for talking, my friend.

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