SNL Pokes Fun At Gritty "Punching Incident"

One of the biggest news stories of the past week for us Philly people has been the "alleged" Gritty punching incident!

Yes, someone has accused our beloved Philadelphia Flyers mascot of punching a 13 year old during some sort of meet and greet event.

It's pretty clear that this person is just trying to get money, but now the news has gone national with Saturday Night Live poking fun at it!

Yup, during last night's Weekend Update segment on SNL, the incident was mentioned with Colin Jost delivering this punchline:

“I just can’t picture Gritty doing something like that. I mean, look at him. He wouldn’t punch a kid in the back. He’s more of a ‘leap out of the shadows and stick you with a syringe’ kinda guy.”

Hah! Check out footage from the show:

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