Bar Made Completely Out Of Lego Comes To Philly Next Month

This is so cool!!

A visit to The Independence Seaport Museum in Philly might be in order to check out the Brick Bar! Yes, it's a bar made completely out of Lego style bricks coming next month and it sounds sick!

Yes, for two days only in February (28th and 29th) the bar will be in town with all kinds of interactive fun and of course alcohol! In case you're wondering just how many bricks go into putting up this traveling pop-up, it's over a million! There will also be DJs spinning live music both days.

Of course tickets will be on a first come-first serve basis, so make sure to grab yours ASAP if you want to get in on the fun right HERE!

Since the shop has already been in other cities, take a look at what it's all about in this video:

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