Confirmed: A new Bleachers album for 2020

Confirmed...straight from the horses mouth...errr...from the musician's Twitter: We will be enjoying a new Bleachers album this year! If you've been following along, Jack Antonoff has been tweeting from the studio, BUT he just confirmed what we hoped to be true with this definitive news yesterday "i’m putting out a bleachers album this year"

Gone Now came out in June of 2017, and we're super looking forward to the followup sometime before the end of the year.

Of course Jack has been super-busy in between Bleachers releases working on music with Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent, Taylor Swift & Lorde too - plus throwing the annual Shadow Of The City Festival.

I think this tweet from @cuddlybaer11 from Philly properly sums up our excitement-level for new Bleachers music (and tour):

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