Philly Venue "Everybody Hits" (Aka "The Cages") Has Closed

Our city of Philadelphia is full of some really unique/cool concert spaces, but sadly one has announced they had to close the doors for good.

Yes, Everybody Hits (aka "The Cages") was a sweet batting cage space by day and a cool DIY concert venue by night. Unfortunately both facets of the space are closing, which they just announced on Facebook.

Their message reads:

"Due to a combination of tragic factors (mostly the building being sold), the cages closed for good last week. No social media update can wrap up all of our feelings about it, but we are super bummed and apologize for the abruptness of it all.

Heads up for an "Everything Must Go" sale where you can tear the place apart for very little money.

If you know somebody who has a warehouse and wants to build a batting cage in it, let us know! Equipment is for sale, too!"

What a shame, right? This was a great spot for local music and for bands to play, and it will certainly be missed.

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