Philly Restaurant Named One Of The Most Important Of The Decade

We already know our city of Philadelphia is full of delicious restaurants, but one in particular has been deemed very important!

Yes, Food & Wine put together a national list of the most important restaurants of the past decade, and one Philly spot has been featured.

Ever been to Vedge? Well the restaurant, opened in 2011, secured a place on the list for blazing a trail as far as vegetarian restaurants go.

Here's what Food & Wine says about their inclusion on the list:

The expressions “plant-based” and “vegetable-focused” feel borderline cliché at this point, but that wasn’t always true, especially not in the elevated dining space, where patrons historically expect steep checks to include showy meats, or at the very least caviar. At Vedge, husband-wife chef team Kate Jacoby and Rich Landau made it dangerously easy to justify spending lots of money on vegetables—with surprising dishes like a giant wood-roasted carrot that easily rivals any steak, broccolini “carbonara” made with Israeli couscous, and a luxurious rutabaga fondue. Jacoby and Landau, who helped pioneer this new mode of plant-based dining back in the ‘90s with Horizons, cracked a new level of visibility with the critical success of Vedge.

Huge congrats to the spot, which definitely set the tone in the 2010's!

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