Star Wars-Themed Brunch Menu At Philly Restaurant

With the newest installment in the Star Wars franchise coming to theaters this week, everyone wants to get in on the action! I must say, though, I think that Philly's own Thirsty Dice cafe is doing it best: in the form of brunch!

Yup, the Fairmount board game cafe just rolled out a special Star Wars-themed brunch menu with nods to many of our favorite characters from the series.

So, what can you get?

• Darth Vader Deviled Eggs – charcoal, bacon

• Evil Empire Mac 'N' Cheese –house-made queso, bacon, pickled jalapeños 

• Taun Taun Tots – loaded tater tots, short ribs, house-made queso

• Chewbacca’s Nuggets –popcorn chicken nuggets, spicy horseradish sauce

• Jabba the Hutt Loaf – house-made meatloaf, bourbon BBQ sauce

• The Force –tequila, cucumber, mint, lime

• The Dark Side – blood orange, Campari, sweet vermouth, rye

I mean, how good does some of this stuff sound?? Head over to 1642 Fairmount Ave to try some (or all) of the items!

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