Franklin Institute Doing A "Home Alone" Themed Science After Dark

It's that time of year when we watch our favorite holiday movies, and for me that ALWAYS includes a viewing of Home Alone!

But what if you could dig deeper into the movie? WELLL...The Franklin Institute is letting us do just that next week! Next Tuesday, the 3rd, the museum hosts it's monthly "Science After Dark" event, allowing adults only to come hang out. Every month there's a different theme to it, and this month centers around the classic movie.

The way they incorporate a bunch of facets of the movie along with science is genius too!

Check out the itinerary:

  • Need a quick escape? Tinker with simple catapults and ziplines as you explore the physics behind the classic booby traps seen in film.
  • Roving wet bandits to demo scenarios from the film.
  • Stepped on a bed of nails? Slipped on ice? Explore weight distribution and dangers of frictionless surfaces.
  • What goes through the mind during precarious situations? See how your brain processes different sensations and stimuli through brain mapping demonstrations.
  • Need to pick a lock? Locksmith Philly is here for that.
  • Experience crisis through virtual reality and learn how FEMA professionals save lives during natural disasters.  
  • Creepy-crawling tarantulas from Drexel University’s Academy of Natural Sciences.
  • Nighttime observing on the rooftop observatory (weather permitting)
  • Holiday caroling from OwlCappella, Temple University’s a capella group. 
  • Giant Tinker Toys®, large Imagination Playground blocks, KEVA planks, and Rigamajigs® to build with and play in Creation Station.

How much fun does this sound?? Plus they encourage everyone to wear their pajamas to the event! Grab your tickets to Tuesday's event HERE!

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