I ran 26.2 miles today! #RunWithRadio1045Johnny

Congrats to all of this weekend's Philadelphia Marathon finishers (26.2, 13.1 and 8K). I admire and respect you all! Also, I want to thank each and everyone of you who has participated in this #RunWithRadio1045Johnny blog since it started earlier this Summer. The goal of the blog was/is to help each of you run farther, faster and have more fun! Ultimately, it's really helped ME to up my running game and PR today's full marathon!

According to my phone app, it took 4:31:28, though the official Philadelphia Marathon results page added another 10 minutes! WTF? Have any of you had the same thing happen? (It's kind of bugging me ;) )

For those of you who are interested, I will offer a quick recap of my run today. My pal Lee (and I) were shooting to finish in 4:30 or under (he did!). So, we decided to join the 4:30 pace group at the start line. Unfortunately, despite our plan to follow a negative split plan, we ended up running 16 miles in the 9:40 range before dipping back to the 10s and then the last few in the 11s. The results were pretty good, but still leave me wondering if I could have broke 4:30 if I had stayed true to my original negative split plan. Just food for thought as you plan your next race.

Otherwise, the weather for today was a marathoner's nightmare....cold, rain, wind...and I'm pretty sure some snow flakes were dropping around mile 24! Nonetheless, we made it through and have another medal on our hook and the gratification of achieving something which most people will never do...run a 26.2 mile marathon! Also, I have to offer big thanks to the aforementioned Lee for pacing me through 19 miles, along with my pal Shanna (she PRd the half-marathon on Saturday) who started running with me around 23/24 and really gave me the boost I needed to finish (relatively) strong!

Thanks again for reading and running. I hope you're comfy on your couch watching football and drinking whatever you drink to relax! You can always Tweet me (@Radio1045Johnny) with your comments and questions.

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