Congrats Tired Hands Brewing - one of the 50 best breweries of the decade

A huge honor for Ardmore's Tired Hands Brewing Company, established in 2011, Paste magazine just named it as one of the 50 best U.S. breweries of the decade. If you haven't been, well here's your excuse to pay it a visit - and if you have, a great reason to go back and raise a pint in celebration. Congratulations & cheers Tired Hands!

Check out Paste's write up on Tired Hands:

"Although the Pennsylvania stalwarts have brewed a wide variety of styles (including some lovely saisons) right from the start, it’s difficult to separate them from their most famous creation, and if there’s a beer style that sums up the zeitgeist of the 2010s more than milkshake IPA, we haven’t seen it.
"The thought to use lactose in a style where it was practically a foreign substance was a clever one, allowing the Tired Hands brewers to boost the creamy texture and subtle sweetness of their IPAs in a way that worked beautifully with an array of fresh fruit purees. In comparison with the imitation that followed from so many other breweries, Tired Hands milkshake IPAs always seem to strike the ideal balance between fruity vivaciousness and at least a modicum of balance, avoiding the tooth-stripping sweetness that bogged down so many others in our increasingly saccharine beer world.
"It will never be a style for everyone, but Tired Hands has always illustrated what something like milkshake IPA looks like at its best."

Check out the full list via Paste

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