Wawa Superfan Aims To Get Wawa More Followers Than Sheetz

Talk about an incentive to gain our favorite convenience store even more fame! Yes, Wawa superfan (and businessman) Ryan Schott is looking to get Wawa more Twitter followers than it's PA arch-nemesis Sheetz and giving us a great reason to help out!

How so? Well, if we can get Wawa more followers than Sheetz he will donate $10,000 dollars to Philabundance! So not only are you making sure Wawa wins, you're helping a great cause in the process too.

His effort even has it's own hashtag, #FollowWawa, and it's own website too!

“I know that we can all come together for the feel good goal of having Wawa have more Twitter followers than Sheetz,” he says in a video.

And why is he doing this?

“[W]e stopped at a Sheetz, and I made a tweet about how I crossed ‘the line,'” Schott said. “Sheetz responded, and I was shocked to find out they had more Twitter followers than Wawa.”

I mean, how can that be?? We have to help change this, right? You know what to do now!!

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