Philly Very Confused Why Water Was Pouring Out Of One Liberty Place Today

Things got off to a bit of a weird start in Philly this morning — many people noticed that mysteriously, water just started *POURING* out of the top of One Liberty Place in Center City. Videos and pictures started surfacing, and things just kept going and going for five minutes before finally stopping.

Billy Penn reports that no one really seemed to know what the cause was - a security person at Liberty Place declined to comment, officials from Liberty Place have not returned request for comment, a Philadelphia Water staffer said they had not heard anything about it, the Philadelphia Police Department hadn’t returned requests for comment, and the Philly Fire Department had not heard any reports relating to the waterfall. Huh.

Videos also started surfacing of the water down below on the street, virtually flooding out that part of the Center City street. There was speculation that One Liberty Place has a rooftop water reserve/tower like the Comcast Tower does at the top of the building to help the building stay steady despite wind and weather because of how high up it is, but apparently OLP does not have that type of structure at the top.

People remain confused, but the memes are good. Check out some of the photos and videos below:

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