Mark Sullivan has ran 178+ full marathons! #RunWithRadio1045Johnny

Hey Runners! How is your training going? For those of us training to run the AACR Philadelphia Marathon or Half-Marathon, we've reached the peak of this season's training with this weekend's All-City Twenty Miler (and Ten Miler)! Did you join the run? I logged in 38 miles for the week and had a really great Twenty-Miler on Saturday...the best I've had in my 5 seasons of marathon training, so feeling encouraged after this weekend!

This week, I also had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark Sullivan, brand ambassadors for the AACR Philadelphia Marathon. (If you ran the 20 miler on Saturday, you may have high-fived him around the 18 mile water stop). Mark has the most impressive running resume of anyone I've ever met! Mark is an Ultra-Marathoner and has run over 178 full 26.2 mile Marathons, including 33 Boston Marathons...and he's also a legacy runner for the Philadelphia Marathon - one of two people to run all of 'em since it got its official name in 1994.

Check out my interview with Mark (below) where he recaps his running journey while also providing great tips on training, nutrition, race day strategy and running in general...and if you'e contemplating a full-marathon, Mark has some words of encouragement for you! Mark also has a website ( full of great running info and offers coaching services if you're looking to take your marathon training/running to a new level.

As always, thank you for reading and running! Tweet me @Radio1045Johnny with feedback and/or ideas for future #RunWithRadio1045Johnny blog posts! *Note - if interview doesn't embed in your browser, you can watch HERE

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