Communities In Our Area Changing Trick Or Treat Date Due To Impending Storm

It's the time of year all the kids look forward to: time to go trick-or-treating! Having said that, with the impending storm coming our way the date of trick-or-treating is being changed for some communities in our area!

Yup, there is a LOT of heavy rain scheduled for tomorrow so some PA and NJ communities are either moving the trick-or-treating up or back!

For example West Chester,Atlantic City, and Spring Township in Berks County are all moving Halloween to Wednesday night and Mantua Township,Collings Lake, and Buena Vista Township in New Jersey, are pushing it back until Friday November 1st.

As of right now, Philly hasn't changed it's time. Anyone questioning their area's timing for trick-or-treating is being told to check directly with their local community.

Do you think we should be changing the dates for trick-or-treating when a storm comes or should we either try to brave the rain or just call it a wash until next year?

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