Jason Segel's Epic Photobomb During A Philly Engagement Shoot

Is this the best Photobomb of all time?? It just might be!

My wife and I were just married a few weeks back and used the very fantastic Eric Talerico of Twisted Oaks Studio and his pictures are incredible. He really was prepared for anything. HOWEVER, I don't know if we're ever prepared enough for a photobomb from the one and only Jason Segel! Having said that, that's exactly what happened during a recent engagement photoshoot between Eric and a couple in Philly!

The actor has been filming in Philly and happened to be strolling by when Eric was photographing couple Megan and Joe who used to live in the Philly area. It was then that PhillyMag reports they saw Segel.

“We looked at him and he waved hi,” Megan recalls. “I said, I thought that was you. He told us to just keep doing what we were doing, to stand as we were. And he just popped right into the photo.”

The result was THIS epic photo! Hah!

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