Gritty Had A Cameo On The Simpsons Halloween Episode

While The Simpsons is known for having all kinds of celebrity guests, last night's Halloween episode (their 30th holiday special) gave us a cameo from one of our local heroes!

Yes, our very own Flyers mascot Gritty made an appearance during the show...though he didn't look exactly like the Gritty we know and love.

The episode was a spoof on classic movie "Heaven Can Wait," and shows Homer choking on a hot dog and dying. However, he gets to choose how he's reincarnated back to earth. His only options are other people who were supposed to die the same day as Homer. And, yes, one of his choices is none other than Gritty! However the Gritty on the show is purple and is wearing a green Flyers jersey!

Of course Gritty himself responded to his cameo on social media, and the color change didn't seem to bother him at all! Take a look:

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