Can you imagine running Marathon in under 2 hours? #RunWithRadio1045Johnny

Hello runners! It was another great Saturday for a long run, and for me that meant 19.55 miles (though I believe my app cheated me out of some distance) and finished the week with around 38 total miles! Hoping that I’m not over-training and can stay healthy so I can match the record set by Eliud Kipchoge!!!

Have you heard about Eliud Kipchoge yet? On Saturday morning in Vienna, Austria, Kipchoge completed a full 26.2 mile Marathon in 1:59:40….that’s a sub-4:34/minute mile for 26.2 miles. (A lot of us can not even complete a Half-Marathon in under 2 hours). To put this in perspective, Dr. Michael Joyner published a paper back in 1991, which estimated that the fastest possible time for a human to complete a full Marathon is 1:57:58, so Kipchoge is pretty close! Also, this was not Kipchoge’s first ridiculously fast Marathon, as he came close in 2017 finishing just over 2 hours (about 25 seconds over). Kipchoge's amazing accomplishment will not be recognized as an official world record as they did not follow standard competition rules for pacing and fluids.

As for the conditions, the weather was reported as foggy in the high 40s with 90% humidity, while dealing some light rain around the midway point (via RunnersWorld)

And, if you’re wondering what a 4:34/minute pace looks like on a treadmill, check out the video below! Fast forward to 2:16 if you want to get right to the treadmill fun part. (Thanks to my pacer and running pal Lee for sharing this with me)

Thanks for running and thanks for reading! As always, if you have some feedback or suggestions for future blog posts, tweet me @Radio1045Johnny!

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