Listen to Yungblud's new song with Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons

Yungblud is becoming the king of collaborations, with his newest collaboration featuring Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons. Most recently, he teamed up with Halsey and Travis Barker.

The official video for the new song, 'Original Me' will be released later this week and Yungblud will be releasing his new EP, Hope for the Underrated Youth' on October 18th.

Check out the new song (lyrics below)

I’m so sick of me, wake up and hate to breathe
And pride myself in that, so dramatic I’ll admit
I’m so typical, my life ain’t difficult,
but I’m so caught up in it,
Just a low life I’ll admit
Im self critical, try hard original, oh i pride myself on that,
Such a loser I’ll admit
And I ask myself, when my time will come,
Will i run away,
Will i run away
I’m the original - loser
Some days i wish i’s
I’m the original - loser,
Some days I wish I’m any-one-else
I’m so paranoid, most people i avoid,
Not seeking sympathy, i just want all of this
I hide under an umbrella
And try to shelter myself from the rain
Try to stop my head from goin insane
Countin down the all days
Swear that there’s a bright side too
Being alone ouside

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