Celebrate the new Flyers season with this awesome Gritty headband

This summer it was allllllll about that Phanatic headband that we went nuts for after Bryce Harper wore it under his helmet....this fall, it's all about the Gritty headband. Just in time for The Flyers home opener tonight, those beautiful (terrifying) googly eyes and flowing (disheveled) orange locks are featured on a new must-have headband.

It's available for $19.99 at all the team stores at Wells Fargo Center and online HERE (it could for sure be a key element in your Gritty Halloween costume!)

The official description goes like this:

Steal Gritty's look with the new Gritty headband from Bani Bands! Bani Bands are designed to fit just right and neither slip out of your hair nor squeeze too tight. Bani Bands are simply the best headband for working out, hanging out, playing hard, and looking good!

It was initially hard to get the Phanatic version after it was all the hype this summer, so probably a good idea to hop on it early if you really want one.

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