The Hardest Part of Running Is Tying Your Shoes #RunWithRadio1045Johnny

Hello runners! Fall weather is here and it’s great for running, though a little tough to get used to when you first see that 47 degree register on your phone app while you’re about to lace up your sneakers!

As for me, I only logged 21 miles for the week, due to a cold early in the week and a scheduled drop to 10 for the Saturday long run, though my crew of Lee, Angela and David all did 12 and I tacked on an extra three-quarters of a mile on the front end. Also, I got in a great 8+ miler on Thursday, including a run into New Jersey via Ben Franklin Bridge (shout-out to the naked woman in her apartment near the bridge…I swear I didn’t mean to look twice 😉 ).With that the front end of the week got cut short as I was sick and decided that it was more important to let my body heal, than to keep running…and likely make it worse.Turned out to be a good plan, as I felt great today, but it was hard to get my body moving again on Thursday.

Getting sick and missing runs can be more mentally than physically challenging to your training I always say, the hardest part of running is ‘tying your shoes’. My experience is that when I’m in a good/regular running rhythm, my runs get easier…and it gets easier to tie my shoes and hit the path. But, when sick or busy with work commitments, it becomes a huge mental battle to get back out there. So, what do we do when that happens? Here are a couple of ideas that I use, which hopefully will help you too!


Make appointments with yourself. I’m a big proponent of scheduling your runs and if something happens and you can’t make the appointment, make sure you reschedule. I prioritize my runs the same way I prioritize any other meeting on my calendar and it has helped me stay consistent.


Running groups help in so many ways, so hopefully you’ve found one by now. If not, maybe you have a dependable pal you can count on to plan a run with, that way you will be flaking on them if you bail. You wouldn’t want to flake on a friend, right?


Remind yourself why you’re running and what you’re training for. If you’re training for the Marathon or Half Marathon, you may be frustrated that you missed miles and get concerned that you’re already doomed. You’re not…and the sooner you get back out there, the easier it will be to cross the finish line.


Along with keeping your ‘eye on the prize’, stay positive and visualize your successful race. Imagine you’ve just finished P.R.d your race...and let those thoughts dominate the anxiety that you've already ruined your training. Think of all of the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook likes you’ll get when you post your picture with a medal declaring your fastest race ever! Seriously, if you plant this seed in your head it will be easier to take the steps to achieve.


And if you want, you can Tweet (@Radio1045Johnny) me that you’re planning to run…and if you do I will give you a 'virtual back pat' (or maybe even a golf clap) while I’m on the air at Radio 104.5 …and if you skip your run, I’m open to publicly shaming you too!

Hope this helps if you find yourself missing some runs! Before I wrap up, we have an update on the All City 20 Miler. The run is now scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd. (Previously was scheduled for Saturday, October 26th)

Have some great runs this week and Tweet me if you have some feedback on this #RunWithRadio1045Johnny blog or ideas for another one!

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