Andy Reid once ate a 40 ounce steak in 19 minutes

This gives me a stomach ache just thinking about it...

Former Eagles coach Andy Reid reportedly once ate a 40 ounce steak in 19 minutes! Wow!

In an ESPN article, 'Andy Reid: An Oral History' (written by David Flemming), Steve Mariucci recapped an anecdote where he and Reid each consumed a 40-ounce steak! "We ate, man. One night we were at the Prime Quarter and we both order a giant 40-ounce steak. This thing is huge. The girl comes out and tells us if we eat this thing in under an hour you get your picture on the wall and a chef's hat and all that. Andy finished his in 19 minutes. I ate mine in 30. Our picture is still on the wall there."

Bon Apetit! (And if you've been an Eagles fan for awhile, you many enjoy the other Reid anecdotes in the article)

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Photo: Getty

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