Move over White Claw, Cherry Hill spiked seltzer named #2 in the COUNTRY

It was only a matter of time...move over craft beer, craft seltzer has arrived! A hard seltzer festival and competition called Fizz Fight just went down for the first time in Denver, featuring 130 varieties of hard seltzer...and a local brewery walked away with a big prize. Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing in Cherry Hill took home the silver, named the #2 seltzer in the entire country with their J'aime Tangerine Rosé flavored seltzer, featuring hibiscus and white tea.

Even more to be excited about: Forgotten Boardwalk plans to add to their line of spiked seltzer flavors next month with Peach Lemonade.

Both flavors will be available in 16-ounce cans throughout New Jersey.

Both sound delicious and I'm gonna have to try for myself ASAP.

Congrats Forgotten Boardwalk!

via The Philly Voice

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